Smart Aquarium and Terrarium Controller

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Aquaterra - Smart Aquarium and Terrarium Controller

AQUATERRA is an integrated smart technology for aquarium and terrarium to make reptile/fishkeeping simple. Our objective is to provide you with the joy of your pet’s company while eliminating stressful maintenance. 


Smart Aquarium Controller


WiFi-enabled controller, which turns your typical onsite switching style tank into a smart aquarium without any hardware upgrade. Our most versatile monitor device continuously monitors the water quality (real-time data on your aquarium’s temperature, pH, and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) from a smart device.)

Smart Terrarium Controller


Remotely controls your heaters, humidifier, exhaust fan, UV LEDs as per set by the program when you are away enjoying your vacation leaving no one at home, the controller will make sure all the connected device runs as per schedule to maintain the proper temperature and humidity of your terrarium.  


Submerged 720 Degree Panoramic Camera (Aquarium Aquascape)


You are highly proud of your aquascape and your friends are appreciating it! Take the opportunity of our underwater aquarium camera which takes real-time video or image of your plants or fish in your aquarium and share them in your social media!

You are away from home and missing your loving chameleon or just want to see how your cute turtles, snakes or lizards are doing, swipe on your camera icon on your smart aquaterra app. There it is!


Smart Home Assistant - Hands-free Experience


You want to talk to your aquarium or terrarium, smart AQUATERRA is the right choice.

The smart aquaterra app is fully compatible with Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google home assistant- control your aquarium or terrarium by simply giving voice commands. No Hub Required. The Aquaterra – Smart Aquarium and Terrarium Controller work with any Wi-Fi router without the need for a separate hub or paid subscription service.

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Smart Home Assistant


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